Empowered Essentials


This is a collection of messages from our past Empowered conferences, the most sought after sessions all in one place. There are sessions from various locations and years in one set, covering a range of topics with various speakers.

Testimonies pour in from all around the world of the miracles that God has done, and yet some debate whether or not miracles are for today. Deliverance and Christian stances against alternative healing methods, such as in the new age, are key topics in Empowered: A School of Healing and Impartation.

Topics include:

  • Deliverance basics
  • Words of knowledge
  • Impartation
  • Breaking free
  • Healing and the Glory of God
  • Biblical Basis for Inner Healing
  • It Is Finished
  • Authority of the Believer in Healing
  • And much more