Evidence for Healing Collection


Evidence for Healing is Dr. Randy Clark's dissertation broken into a 5-part series. This teaching contains all five books in PDF format, including the research portion of Randy's dissertation. 

Title List:

  • 1 - Introduction - He Healed Me and Called Me to Heal Others: My Journey Into the Healing Ministry
  • 2 - Biblical Foundations for Healing - His Word Calls Us to Heal: The Scriptural Foundation for Healing
  • 3 - Theological Foundation for Healing - Our Understanding of the Goodness of God: The Theological Argument for the Ministry of Healing
  • 4 - Historical Foundations for Healing - God is the Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever; The Historical Verification of Healing
  • 5 - Randy's Research - Healing Happens Today: My Qualitative Research on Healing