Eyewitness to Miracles


Watching the Gospel Come to Life... God continues to perform miracles today! Randy Clark provides firsthand accounts of a variety of miracles witnessed and gives reasons to be confident that they still happen.

People often say “I will believe it when I see it.” It is this desire to show the miraculous with which Randy Clark begins this book. In addition to testimonies from others, pictures, and videos, Randy covers his own personal experiences with the supernatural miracles encountered all over the world.

After thoroughly chronicling the numerous miracles witnessed, Randy then delves into the problems related to miracles. Randy refutes typical worldviews regarding miracles and presents arguments for miracles happening today. The book concludes with a review of opportunities to grow in the supernatural realm of ministries that invites you to look for opportunities to be used by God in a supernatural way.

ISBN - 9780785219057 English
ISBN - 9780829768503 Spanish