Faith Healing - Insights from Ethan Otis Allen


The First American Healing Evangelist...  A quarter of a century before Smith Wigglesworth, John G. Lake, and Maria Woodworth-Etter, Ethan Otis Allen pioneered an extraordinary move of God. Rising from abject poverty, this uneducated man became, in the words of A.B. Simpson, “The father of divine healing in America.”

Who was this forgotten man, and what did he discover about the mysteries of the Kingdom of God?

In Allen’s own words, this inspiring book presents the observations and intimate stories of an overlooked spiritual giant. Published here, for the first time in 140 years, are accounts not only of such miraculous occurrences as cancers falling off and devils being sent into pigs but also of insights on how to operate in the power of God and believe for the manifestation of healing promises.

Delve into this amazing trove of wisdom by JD King from the pioneer of divine healing in America, Ethan Otis Allen.

ISBN - 9781950053339

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