Finding Our Muchness


Inheriting Audacious Boldness from Women of the Bible...  You are a part of a great company of women who are called and empowered by God. At the forefront of every move of God have been women. These women found their muchness--their ability to be brave, dream big, take risks, rise to their calling, and advance the Kingdom. It's time for a new generation to find their muchness, too.

With fresh prophetic insight and practical wisdom, Kim Maas calls you away from the competing voices in culture by reminding you of the brave women in Scripture. Battling struggles, loss, and judgment amid cultural oppression and religious suppression, these women were politically savvy, prophetically perceptive, and covenantally obedient. And their lives give you permission to be audacious, showing you how to:
  • Break through cultural barriers, religious traditions, and political limitations;
  • Refuse to be defined by your circumstances;
  • Dream, risk, and fight again;
  • Discover your Kingdom identity and purpose.
Now is your time to rise up in faith, move forward with boldness, and fulfill your role in God's plans for our time.

ISBN - 9780800799953

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