Finding Victory When Healing Doesn't Happen


Breaking Through with Healing Prayer... Have you ever prayed for healing but nothing happened? Did you lose your healing and then wonder why? Maybe you have you been praying for a condition with no change. Or you have given up on waiting, praying, and seeking your healing. Do you want to know why healing prayer doesn't seem to happen? Finding Victory will help you understand the answer to these questions and more.

Dr. Randy Clark and Craig Miller have teamed up to bring you many answers about healing. They bring personal experiences, new insights and practical steps to immediately begin praying for yourself and others.

You will learn:

  • Why healing doesn't happen;
  • What causes you to lose your healing;
  • How to pray for specific emotional and physical conditions;
  • Changing the atmosphere to believe in healing;
  • Finding your power and authority from Christ;
  • Suggested meanings of body language;
  • How to pray victoriously against unbelief, fear, doubt, spiritual warfare, unforgiveness and more.

You will receive an extra bonus of the following:

  • Five steps to successful healing prayer;
  • Prayer for deliverance;
  • Transformation technique for emotional healing;
  • Suggested emotional connections to mind/body conditions.

ISBN - 9781937467814