The Five-Fold Effect


Unlocking Power Leadership for Amazing Results in Your Organization... The five-fold plan of Ephesians 4:11-16 is a revolutionary approach to organizational leadership. When people use their apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, teaching, and pastoral gifts while working together under the Holy Spirit's guidance, any organization they are involved in - whether a business, a church, or even a small committee - can tap into supernatural resources more powerful than they can imagine, leading to success that is potentially unlimited.

Could your organization enjoy that kind of success? Read this practical guide by Walt Pilcher to making it happen.

ISBN - 9781449790059


"The start of a revolutionary movement in organizational leadership!" ~ Dr. John E. Mulford, Director, Regent University Center for Entrepreneurship

"The Five-fold Effect will help any leader take his or her organization to the next level." ~ Dr. Carlos Campo, President, Regent University

"The first whole book I am aware of that focuses on how the five-fold gifts fit into the workplace. It is well-thought out, well-researched, and well-written. I could not have written it any better!" ~ Dr. C. Peter Wagner, Apostolic Ambassador, Global Spheres

"Walt's successful career and experience in church and non-profit organizations make him exceptionally qualified for writing this book. I highly recommend it." ~ Randy Clark, Founder, Global Awakening

"As we sort out the roles of believers in the 7 Mountains, I can't wait to see the impact The Five-Fold Effect will have." ~ Dr. Lance Wallnau, President, Lance Learning Group

"A sure biblical foundation for growth." ~ Rodney Odom, Senior Leader, Grace Church, High Point, NC

"Apply its wisdom in your life, family, church, business, and/or sphere of influence." ~ Dr. Bruce Cook, author and President, VentureAdvisors, Inc.


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