Forgotten Stories of the 2nd Great Awakening


Book 1 of Forgotten Stories of the 2nd Great Awakening is a freshly edited and expanded version of Rev. Samuel Huber's 1858 autobiography. Huber paints a vivid picture of life at the dawn of the United States amidst both challenging times and dynamic spiritual awakening.

After his conversion in 1813, Huber became a minister among group of revivalists known as the "German Methodists". Beginning in the Mid-Atlantic states of Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia, these itinerant ministers nurtured this growing revival among the German-speaking population, spreading the good news throughout the tri-state area. For a number of years, the north-south corridor stretching from Chambersburg, PA and Hagerstown, MD towards Harrisonburg, VA served as the epicenter for this movement as it expanded westward with our nation. 

ISBN - 9798486752483

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