The Invisible Cult... A former "Worshipful Master" of a Masonic lodge, Jack Harris authoritatively speaks about one of the most deceptive cults in the United States today. This secret organization has entangled ministers, elders, deacons, trustees, Sunday school teachers, and people all over the world in a web of lies and satanic rituals––all of which are veiled with the language of the Bible!

Revealed in this book are the origins and history of Freemasonry, as well as its basic doctrines and goals. Find out about the secret of passwords and oaths, the "supreme Masonic word" and the satanic symbolism and rituals.

This is a false religion. It teaches that men can approach God, not through the finished work of Jesus Christ, but through their own abilities. Discover how you can share the light of Christ with those living in the darkness of Freemasonry, and how they can be set free from its deception.

ISBN - 9781629116648

Variant: Book