God Is Really Good


In God is Really Good, discover that God’s goodness is all around us—we just need to learn how to see it!

Get ready to follow Sparrow and his friends as they go on a journey to learn just how good God really is. The world can feel like a very big, scary place for kids sometimes. It can be easy to get wrapped up in its big problems. But we can rest safely knowing that that even when things worry us, God takes care of everything and that He is always good.

Based on the teaching of Pastor Bill Johnson, God is Really Good features a fun new story written by Seth Dahl, Bethel Church's children's pastor, and illustrations by Lamont Hunt. This inspiring story will help children learn to see the presence of God's goodness all around them. It will help them tell the difference between the good things that come from God and the bad things that do not.

Hardcover version
ISBN - 9780768415841

Variant: Book