God's Generals - The Roaring Reformers


The basic truths of the Protestant faith - the things you believe and base your life on--were not always accepted and readily taught. Roberts Liardon introduces you to six of God's Generals who fought to reestablish the core beliefs and principles of the early church in the atmosphere of oppression, ignorance, and corruption that pervaded the medieval church.

As you read about these roaring Reformers, men who sacrificed everything in their fight for God, you will appreciate the freedom you have to worship, find encouragement for your spiritual battles, and be motivated to find biblical truth in your own life.

Chapters include:

  • John Wycliffe, "The Bible Translator"
  • John Hus, "The Father of Reform"
  • Martin Luther, "The Battle-Ax of Reform"
  • John Calvin, "The Teaching Apostle"
  • John Knox, "The Sword Bearer"
  • George Fox, "The Liberator of Spirit"

Hardcover book
ISBN - 9780883689455

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