Grace and Forgiveness


A Powerful Key to Your Freedom and Healing... If you are frustrated by fruitless prayers for healing, greater supernatural encounters, or corporate revival, you may be experiencing a serious spiritual blockage with unforgiveness.

Scripture is clear that clinging to unforgiveness will inhibit your full experience of salvation and grant Satan access to your life. Conversely, releasing forgiveness unleashes a flood of divine healing, personal freedom, supernatural encounters, and revival!

John and Carol Arnott have witnessed this truth time and again in their many years of supernatural ministry. Here, they present their classic, best selling work to a new generation. Grace and Forgiveness resounds as a clarion call in a culture filled with opportunities for offense and bitterness. Let the Arnotts help you discover forgiveness as the key for revival. Discover the magnitude of God’s love, and experience the supernatural power of grace!

ISBN - 9780768459708

Variant: Book