Dr. Joe and Heidi Wadlinger were an everyday couple whose lives were turned upside down by an incurable disease. Rather than submit to sickness, Joe and Heidi sought the Lord. On their journey, they discovered powerful biblical principles to supernaturally reverse the condition. Today, their story is a powerful testimony of divine healing.

In Healed!, the Wadlingers reveal how miraculous accounts found in the Bible are more than just historical records. They are, in fact, living invitations to trust in a God who does the impossible every day! Using these supernatural testimonies, Dr. Joe and Heidi help you to…

  • Apply biblical keys to reverse sickness and disease.
  • Unlock the power of testimony for building your faith.
  • Fight back against the impossibilities opposing you.
  • Believe for miracles in the lives of others.

Every story of God’s mighty power is an invitation for you to believe. Discover how to position yourself for breakthrough today!

ISBN - 9780768450361

Variant: Book