Healing Is In the Atonement / The Power of the Lord's Supper


In Healing is in the Atonement/The Power of the Lord's Supper, learn about healing and how it relates to the work of Christ on the cross. Randy Clark looks at the different views about whether the healing is in or through or not in the atonement at all. He reviews the Scripture in the context of the Hebrew language to bring clarity to this subject.

In addition, he examines the different views about the Lord's Supper. Is it just a memorial meal? Do the bread and the juice actually change in substance? Randy addresses these questions and affirms that healing and forgiveness are contained in Jesus' work on the cross.

Let your expectations rise as you approach the cross and the sacrament of the Lord's Supper with a new perspective and receive God's grace for you.

NOTE: Booklet and PDF file have both teachings. CD single and DVD single are The Power of the Lord's Supper teaching only.

ISBN - 9781937467357 Book