Healing PTSD


If you know someone with or have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder yourself (commonly known as PTSD), there is healing through Jesus Christ. PTSD can affect anyone who has experienced a life-altering, traumatic experience.

PTSD has affected so many of our military personnel who have come off the battlefield after serving in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. The men and women who have served so bravely have come home devastated for the effects of these conflicts. Their families have been traumatized as our veterans try to assimilate back into civilian life. But there is hope! They don't have to suffer any more. Jesus is our healer and He is healing PTSD today.

The Lord has given Dr. Mike Hutchings a model of healing prayer to bring emotional, spiritual and physical healing and freedom for anyone suffering from PTSD. Dr. Mike has equipped hundreds to use this prayer model with results of many documented testimonies of soldiers, veterans and civilians receiving freedom through the power of prayer.

In these teachings, you will be equipped to understand the causes, effects and symptoms of PTSD. Dr. Mike will take you through the steps to pray for those experiencing PTSD. You will learn of several testimonies of God's healing power and witness transformed lives.

Mike's ministry is godhealsptsd.com

  • CD and DVD set are 2 discs each.
  • Basic Teaching Download includes 2 short teaching videos, 1 demo video and 1 testimony video.
  • Advanced Teaching Download and the USB include 4 in-depth video teachings.