How to Minister to Specific Diseases


You may have wondered why after repeated prayer you can't get people free from specific diseases Or you may have prayed for someone's healing and known that there is something at the root of the disease that needed addressed.

In How to Minister to Specific Diseases, by the Divine Healing Rooms of Spokane, Washington, deal with the specific disease, the root cause of the disease, scriptures to counteract the disease, medical causes, and how to minister to that specific disease. This book deals with diseases from allergies, asthma, fibromyalgia to certain types of viruses.

As led by the Holy Spirit, here are 67 disease listings and how to minister to them as incorporated by the International Healing Rooms. Special topics include how to keep your healing, Father's and Mother's blessing, and soul ties. This manual should not be used as a formula. It is a guideline or suggestion on how you might minister to a person with a particular disease or sickness. First, we want to hear from the Holy Spirit and follow His direction. We are vessels to impart what He wants to say and do. We must rely on the Holy Spirit to give us the measure of every person we pray for. It is the anointing that breaks the yoke and sets people free.

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