I Belong To You CD


Julie True painted with a quieter, more intimate palette on this best-selling album, I Belong to You. It peacefully delivered worship songs with inspired moments of spontaneous songs and instrumental music. Of note is the rendition of her peaceful worship anthem, “Lord, I Worship You”, as well as a first-ever release of “Be Love in My Heart,” a song she’s been singing for decades in live soaking worship times. Spontaneous worship tracks like “Safe Inside Your Heart,” “It’s So Simple,” and the title track, “I Belong to You” carry the anointed atmosphere of peace that Julie’s music has become known for, laced with deep spiritual truth and revelation.

This soft-spoken and reflective album revolves around the themes of belonging to and trusting in Father God, worshiping Him, beholding His beauty, and experiencing His love.

Track List:

  • Beautiful To Me
  • Your Word
  • Life Praise
  • Safe Inside Your Heart
  • Be Love In My Heart
  • Forever I Will Sing
  • It's So Simple
  • I Am Yours
  • I Belong To You
  • Ocean of Love
ISBN - 845121079722

Variant: CD single