I Want to Eat Cheese, Please


I Want To Eat Cheese, Please by Lorraine Finicle, teaches the reader that resolving conflict can be a fun adventure. In this story, conflict is being resolved by the animals finding something that they all have in common with each other.

Sugar Bear is the star in this whimsical story. She brings different species of animals together in the most unlikely way. In her village, seven animals are being mean to one another. Sugar Bear suggests that instead of being mean to each other, let’s all eat her cheese. When Dog Bones discovers that both he and Chloe the Cat like cheese, he stops chasing her and eats cheese. The rest of the animals stop pecking, nipping, stinging, and spraying one another and eat cheese. So, instead of being mean to each other, they became best friends. That day all the animals soon discovered that they had something in common. You will want to continue to read the story to see who else becomes best friends.

It is easy to follow the storyline with rhymes, rhythms, and repeating phrases for the children to memorize as they read along orally.

ISBN - 9781673606676

Variant: Book