Igniting Revival Fire Every Day


In this one-of-a-kind devotional, Pastor Todd Smith of the North Georgia Revival and pastor of Christ Fellowship Dawsonville, GA has assembled together leaders from many streams—both the generals of revival and those whose names you may not know yet, but they are on the frontlines of global moves of God. Every entry will stir your faith to believe that you too can experience the fresh fire of revival in your life because each author writes from the place of authority. They’ve seen God move powerfully and want you to know that it’s possible for you to experience Him too!

Featuring 70 powerful and inspirational mini-chapters, Igniting Revival Fire Every Day will surely ignite your heart daily to go deeper in your relationship with God, usher you into fresh encounters with the Holy Spirit, and radically inspire your faith to believe that revival is possible.  In your city and nation. In your household and workplace. In your family, marriage, and among your children. In your own heart and walk with God!

Featuring powerful, Holy Spirit-filled entries by Top Revival Leaders, including Randy Clark, John and Carol Arnott, Dr. Michael L. Brown, James W. Goll, Pastor John Kilpatrick, David Hogan and Ward Simpson.

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