John Wimber


His Life and Ministry... John Wimber (1934–1997) has been called one of the most important and controversial figures in North American evangelicalism in the twentieth century and the fountainhead of the Third Wave movement. This sensitive and compelling biography of his life and ministry ultimately tells the story of a man with humble—and, some might say, surprising—beginnings, who was called and moved by God to eventually impact the hearts of millions.

The first book-length biographical treatment of his life, John Wimber: His Life and Ministry takes you from the day of his birth—also the day his father abandons him—through his self-proclaimed “pagan upbringing” and young-adult life, complete with illicit-drug use, heavy drinking, and membership in the well-known Righteous Brothers band. As his journey continues, you get a glimpse into his often humorous but refreshing navigation through life as a newborn Christian, a process that culminates in the definitive Holy Spirit encounter that forms Wimber’s understanding of power healing and evangelism—and ultimately the very foundation of his ministry and career.

This book by Connie Dawson contains a discussion of his doctrine, influences, and critics, along with the controversy, the formation of the Vineyard movement; his famous MC510 Signs and Wonder’s class at Fuller; and his involvement with the Kansas City Prophets as well as his reaction to the Toronto Outpouring. Rounding out the narrative is his physical decline, death, and the celebration of his life and legacy. Called “historically faithful and theologically insightful,” John Wimber: His Life and Ministry is both moving and well-documented, promising to appeal to the lay reader and theological scholar alike as they become acquainted with one of the twentieth century’s most influential voices in the kingdom of God.

ISBN - 9798656471480

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