Keys for Deliverance


Freedom From the Influence of Evil Spirits... Deliverance from evil spirits is a topic that has often been avoided in the church. But for Jesus and His early followers, it was completely normal to cast out demons. Keys for Deliverance by Jake Kail removes the fear, stigma, and confusion from the topic of deliverance. Using a biblical approach and many real-life testimonies, this book will help equip the average believer to be able to both receive deliverance and minister it to others.

Topics that are covered include:

  • The role of deliverance in the ministry of Jesus and His followers.
  • The reality of demonic influence in our world and why deliverance is relevant for today.
  • Different types of demons and how they seek to influence people.
  • The open doors that give evil spirits access to people's lives.
  • How to discern the presence of demons.
  • How to receive deliverance and how to minister it to others.
  • Freedom from destructive and hurtful words.
  • Breaking free from generational curses and strongholds.
  • What the occult is and how to be delivered from its influence.
  • How to stay free once you have been delivered.
  • A prayer for deliverance that you can use for yourself or others.
  • And more!

We cannot afford to avoid the topic of deliverance from evil spirits any longer. God is restoring this crucial ministry to the church, and it's time to take an honest look at what the Bible has to say about it. Read this book and find the keys for getting free and setting others free!

ISBN - 9781720431558

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