Learning To Follow Jesus


A Guide For All Believers...  Learning to Follow Jesus is a guide for new Christians to learn how to become supernatural disciples of Jesus, and for longtime Christians to reestablish a solid foundation for their faith. Each chapter provides a foundational understanding of specific biblical topics that will help you quickly step into a lifestyle of fully representing Jesus on the earth. Built with practical application in mind, each chapter also includes workbook-style elements to take you into a deeper relationship with Jesus along with embedded video content that provides answers to the most commonly asked questions. Gene and Lauren Lloyd simplify core elements of Christian theology and unravel the secrets of:

  • Living a lifestyle of deep intimacy with God;
  • Discovering your true identity and purpose;
  • Being equipped to immediately start partnering with God.

Following Jesus is the most incredible journey any human can ever embark upon. We have been invited into the most intriguing, rewarding, exciting, and sometimes confusing, relationship that exists in the universe.

God, the creator of the universe, has invited us to partner with Him in transplanting the principles and realities of His kingdom on earth, so that earth mirrors heaven. This has been God's plan for thousands of years-since the beginning of time! It is a partnership birthed from an intimate relationship, and the only way we can effectively partner with Him is to dive 100% into this relationship. Everything in the kingdom of God is birthed from a place of relationship.

Every follower of Jesus needs a solid foundation from the beginning of their faith journey in order to be effective in their calling. Without it, you are likely to miss out on the greatest opportunity of your life to join the fight of displacing darkness with the light of Jesus. Learning to Follow Jesus puts you in the fight!

ISBN - 9798218082475

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