Learning To Minister Under the Anointing / Healing Ministry In Your Church


Learning To Minister Under the Anointing is a practical guide to increase your confidence in ministering the Kingdom into people's lives. Healing Ministry In Your Church can help pastors and others start a healing ministry in the local church. Randy Clark shares the basics of ministering to people by using the 5-step prayer model and the 10-step model for bringing deliverance.

Drawing from his years of experience praying for thousands of people, Randy answers questions about what it looks like when someone is under the Spirit's influence and how to protect people from harm through proper techniques for catching. He answers the common questions of where, when and who may pray for the sick and the importance of the testimony to build faith in others who need healing.

This is not an exhaustive study on the healing ministry, but a guide to encourage everyone to use God's gifts to minister to others with assurance. These teachings will increase your confidence to "do what the Father is doing" as you show His love to others.

ISBN - 9780981845456