Let Our Children Go


Steps To Free Your Child From Evil Influences and Demonic Harassment... We must not assume that our children are free of threats from darkness. The enemy’s purpose is to grip and blind every generation, buidling strongholds in the lives of our children from a very young age.

Let Our Children Go by Rebecca Greenwood is a handbook for parents, pastors, and leaders to help free children from evil influences and demonic harassment. Full of true stories about young people who have been set free, it explains the necessity of deliverance ministry for children and discusses many of the issues they face in today’s world. You will learn how to:

  • Determine if an evil spirit is harassing a child.
  • Deal with demonic influences and harassment when they occur.
  • Train children to identify demonic activity and eliminate it from their lives.

Darkness is on the rise, and it is the role of parents, pastors, and other believers to do all we can to ensure the blessing, protection, and freedom of this younger generation so that they can reach their fullest potential.

ISBN - 9781616382582

Variant: Book