Experiencing the Father's Embrace Through Loss & Grief


Finding Unbroken Courage In Times of Crisis...  Loss affects everyone and at some point everyone will walk through a type of major loss in their lives. It might be through the death of a loved one, or the ending of a relationship, or losing a job, etc.

The choices we make in how we deal with loss will have a direct impact on our path and journey in life. In the midst of their crisis, the last thing grieving people need is to be told how they should feel during their process or receive a shallow response to their deepest questions.

More than anything, during times of loss, people need to experience the loving embrace of their Heavenly Father. Trisha Frost transparently shares her own journey not just with the death of her husband, Jack, but with all the losses that surround losing someone so close to you in life. With tenderness and care, Trisha walks the reader through her path of grieving the losses. Her story and the stories of others’ losses will motivate you to not allow loss to dictate your destiny for the rest of your life and instead draw you into the loving embrace of Father God.

If you or someone you love has suffered loss, Experiencing the Father’s Embrace in Loss and Grief will be an indispensable resource and a deep comfort through the sorrow!

ISBN - 9780768457971

Variant: Book