Miracles Today


The Supernatural Work of God In the Modern World... Do miracles still happen? Craig S. Keener believes they do, and as he addresses common questions about these supernatural events, he provides compelling reasons why. Based on his 2-volume work Miracles: The Credibility of the New Testament Accounts, this accessible and concise overview summarizes the basic argument of his magnum opus—and includes substantial new material.

This book demonstrates that miraculous works of God, which have been part of the experience of the church around the world since Christianity began, continue into the present. Leading New Testament scholar Craig Keener addresses common questions about miracles and provides compelling reasons to believe in them today, including many accounts that offer evidence of verifiable miracles.

This book gives an accessible and concise overview of one of Keener's most significant research topics. His earlier two-volume work on miracles stands as the definitive word on the topic, but its size and scope are daunting to many readers. This new book summarizes Keener's basic argument but contains substantial new material, including new accounts of the miraculous. It is suitable as a textbook but also accessible to church leaders and laypeople.

ISBN - 9781540963833

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