Network Advance VOP 2022 Sessions


When pastors and prophets work together, sparks will fly. Voice of the Prophets Network Advance brings together top prophetic voices to impact the local church to equip and activate prophetic giftings. The explosive growth and revival fires can be sparked when a church properly stewards prophetic ministry. But those sparks can also mean heated conflict and burned bridges. At The Network Advance Dan McCollam will equip local church pastors and ministry leaders to raise up trustworthy prophetic ministries in the body, to learn how to judge and steward prophetic words in meetings, and more.

If you are a pastor or ministry leader, the Network Advance is specifically for you. This time is set aside for leaders to gather and establish community, encourage one another, worship together, receive impartation, fresh teaching, and hear from prophetic and apostolic leaders.

Pre-VOP event sessions. Held in Woodbridge, VA at Victory Christian Ministries International on April 26-27, 2022. Speakers include Dan McCollam, Matt Scott, Randy Clark.