The Objective of Prophecy


The objective of all prophecy is to elevate trust and faith in the Nature of God.

Release the Prophetic Power to Restore...  It is important, therefore, that people moving in prophecy are able to see, think, plan and speak to the objective that God is creating. The Spirit of Truth that permeates the gift of prophecy has an objective to empower God’s people to grow up into all things in Christ.

With The Objective of Prophecy, Volume Three of The Prophetic Equipping Series, you will learn to become objective about who God wants to be for His people, regardless of circumstances.

Book 3 of the Prophetic Equipping Series

The Objective of Prophecy is a rework of Module One from Graham's acclaimed book, Approaching The Heart of Prophecy. It contains assignments, case studies, a workshop, and finishes with a Prophetic word.

ISBN - 9781735870601

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