Parents Empowered


Healing and Deliverance With Kids and Teens... We all want to raise healthy kids. But what does it take to prepare them to face all the emotional and spiritual challenges that life throws at us? Despite their best efforts, most parents will encounter a time where their child seems to be struggling with issues that threaten their ability to thrive. Perhaps they're hurting inside or battling destructive attitudes and behaviour. Maybe they just don't quite seem to be themselves.

In Parents Empowered by Daniel and Esther Baumgartner you'll discover how, as a Christian parent, you can learn to discern problems and help children deal with issues before they take root. Drawing on examples from their own parenting and over twenty years of extensive prayer ministry experience, Daniel and Esther Baumgartner offer inspiring insights and a set of template prayers you can use to help your child flourish now and into adulthood:

  • Be a parent whose presence and prayers matter in your child's life.
  • Have a home where healing and freedom is normal.
  • Help your child deal with emotional pain and hurts.
  • Teach your child about sin and forgiveness.
  • Equip your child to resist and overcome demonic influences or attacks.

Start your family on a path to life-long emotional and spiritual wholeness by ordering your copy of this valuable resource today! Enjoy the beautifully colored prints and prayers as you read along.

Contents -

  • Part A - You Can Make A Difference!
  • Part B - The Healing Home
  • Part C - Tools for Emotional Healing
  • Part D - Teaching About Sin and Forgiveness
  • Part E - Tools for Deliverance

ISBN - 9783952512708

Variant: Book