Fearless Resilience in a Chaotic World...  When trouble comes, it can turn your world upside down. It can feel like everywhere you look a problem stares you down and another one comes right behind to compound the chaos. But you can close the door on turmoil and the anxiety it brings!

If you’re born again, the Prince of Peace lives on the inside of you and has already given you His own peace (John 14:27 AMP). You just need to know how to tap into it!

In Peace: Living Undaunted in a Chaotic World, Pat Harrison, founding minister of Faith Christian Fellowship International with hundreds of churches in more than 30 countries, shares how you can live―even thrive―in the middle of upheaval. Pat shares powerful and encouraging truths from God’s Word to help you: 

  • Rise above the turbulence of life
  • Cultivate and stir up the peace Jesus gave you
  • Recognize that peace or chaos is a choice
  • Be held fast by Jesus’ presence, His peace, and His Word
  • Live in peace every day of your life

Don’t face life’s storms alone! Rest assured that as you meditate on the message in this book, the peace of God will come on you, in you, through you, and over you.

ISBN - 9781667503165

Variant: Book