Randy Clark Teaching PowerPoints


A collection of PowerPoints used by Randy Clark during past Schools of Healing and Impartation, covering a variety of topics in regards to alternate healing methods. All links are sent by email.

15 Christian Dotrines Rejected by Reiki - This outlines fifteen Christian doctrines that are rejected by those practicing therapeutic touch and Reiki.
A Catholic Response to Evaluating Reiki - This outlinies a Catholic response to the practice of Reiki.
Guidelines for Evaluating Reiki - This contains guidelines to follow when evaluating Reiki as alternative therapy.
New Age and Christian Healing - This contains lecture notes on healing, from both the New Age and Christian side.
Quotes from Wouter Hanegraaff - This contains quotes from Wouter Hanegraaff’s New Age Religion and Western Culture book, revealing New Age anti-Christian thinking.
Reiki vs. Christian Healing - This shows the similarities and differences of Reiki, therapeutic touch and theopathic healing to that of Christian healing.