Prayers That Bring Healing


Overcome Sickness, Pain & Disease - God's Healing Is For You!... When Jesus arrived in a town preaching the coming of the Kingdom of God, not only did He heal everyone who came to Him, but He also healed "all manner of sickness." Healing is available to all.

This title by John Eckhardt is your reference handbook for God's healing power. Combining powerful prayers with decrees taken from Scripture, it identifies twelve ways that healing takes place, including:

  • Healing through the laying on of hands (Luke 4:40)
  • Healing through deliverance (Matthew 8:16)
  • Healing through breaking curses (Galatians 3:13)
  • Healing through prayer (Matthew 21:22)

Prayers and confessions of Scripture are two of the most powerful weapons we have in life. Break the powers of darkness, and release the healing of God in your life today.

ISBN - 9781616380045

Variant: Book