Praying With God's Heart


The Power and Purpose of Prophetic Intercession…  In this insightful, practical and empowering book, bestselling author and prophetic leader James W. Goll reveals that the only way to pray effectively is to listen for God’s voice. What does this mean?

It means to practice prophetic intercession, which is praying the desires of God’s own heart and with the loving motivation and revelation He supplies. It is bringing the needs of others before God by leaning into His heart and discovering His will for those individuals, cities or nations. Being a prophetic intercessor is to co-labor with Christ, staying attuned to the Holy Spirit, to influence the future through prayer.

Are you ready to explore the true meaning and purpose of intercession and pray the prayers God longs to answer? He is calling an entire generation of faith-filled followers into a new dimension of praying with power. Will you say yes?

ISBN - 9780800798772

Variant: Book