Reborn - He Loved Me to Life


This is the true story of Tony Costa’s journey, beginning with his substance abuse from an early age, transitioning into crime, and pivoting into a joy-filled and hopeful life.

Repeated incarcerations marked Tony’s life until his five-year-old son witnessed his arrest on their first Christmas together. This final arrest signaled the beginning of true surrender to the God who pursued him.

Tony’s lifelong search for identity could only be fulfilled by the love of the God who revealed himself as Father. Tony provides insight into how he grew from orphan to son, retained his freedom from addiction, and transitioned into ministry. Now his journey is one of walking in love and sharing the good news of God’s grace, healing, forgiveness, and love.

This book includes a personal letter to inmates and offers daily practices to help every reader develop intimacy with God. Tony is a true spiritual father, and his goal is to equip people to discover and fulfill their purpose through a deep, personal relationship with Jesus.

ISBN - 9780997297485

Variant: Book