Receiving the Isaac Promise


Position Yourself for the Fullness of God's End-Time Outpouring...  Have we experienced the pinnacle of Holy Spirit power? Has the Lord poured out the full measure of His presence on the earth? Is what we've seen all there is?

The devil wants you to think so. And just like he did with Abraham, he’s working hard to stop you short of God’s miracle promise. He wants you to settle for an "Ishmael" when your supernatural “Isaac” awaits.

In his most prophetic book yet, R. T. Kendall ―one of the most respected and reputable Bible teachers of this generation―exposes the dangerous deception preventing you from experiencing more of the Spirit in your life and shows you how to stop striving and instead position yourself for the coming outpouring that’s beyond anything the Earth has ever seen.

This prophetic wake-up call is a burning exhortation from one who cherishes the movement of the Spirit, equipping you to join the company of people who, like Abraham…

  • Break out of spiritual confinement;
  • Believe and agree with His Word;
  • Contend for the fullness of what’s available;
  • Position yourself to receive His supernatural promise;
  • Experience an unprecedented outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Stop settling for a foretaste of glory. Stand in faith that the best is yet to come and help usher in a sweeping supernatural awakening and end-times revival unlike anything the world has ever seen.

ISBN - 9780768473988

Variant: Book