Removing the Ceiling to Healing


When we pray for the sick, we partner with God and the person who needs healing. When we pray, we must put our faith not in a prayer or the method we use, but in Jesus alone. We come expectant that God will heal. But sometimes there are obstacles that diminish our expectancy and effectiveness.

In this teaching, Dr. Tom Jones uses the story of Jesus healing the paralytic to discuss some of these obstacles. Just as the friends of the paralytic tore off the roof to get their friend to Jesus, we too may need to remove obstacles that are in the way when we pray for the sick. We must remove the ceiling both in our life and in the sick person's life to get them to Jesus to be healed.

As you listen to this teaching, you will discover obstacles that when removed, your faith increases, and more healings happen. Your healing ministry will never be the same again.