Renovated for Glory


Renew Your Mind, Transform Your Life…  You were meant to be an encounter with the kingdom of God to the world around you. You were meant to live in His glory.

Many Christians fall short of living powerfully. Whether due to the constraints of religious misrepresentations of God’s grace or the deceptive web of lies sown by the enemy, scores of would-be world-changers are trapped in predictable, powerless, boring lives. It is not God’s intention that His children would live in anything less than life – and life abundantly.

Renovated for Glory will allow you to participate in your personal transformation and equip you to live in the glory of God. Pastor Landen Dorsch simply yet profoundly unlocks exciting biblical truths about the renewed mind from Romans 12:2 that will equip you to create godly strongholds to radically transform your life.

ISBN - 9781486614288

Variant: Book