Revival Fires


History's Mighty Revivals... How come revival has touched certain spots of the world and not others? Why is revival sweeping the world at this time in history? Why did revival come to people living in other centuries? Revival Fires crosses international lines and travels through hundreds of years to illuminate the word revival as never before!

Using eyewitness accounts, Geoff Waugh takes you inside the heart and minds of people in the midst of "benchmark" revivals spanning more than two centuries. You'll witness how God reveals Himself to people - beginning with the Moravians in Herrnhut, Germany, in 1727, and continuing through the centuries to other revivals in England, America, Canada, Africa, India, Korea, Chile, and more. You will see the recent revivals with an entirely new perspective - within God's timeline of awakenings.

Dr. Geoff Waugh, a Baptist minister, teaches on revivals in the degree program of the Christian Outreach Centre School of Ministries in Brisbane, Australia. He also has served as a missionary and teacher in Bible schools in Papua New Guinea.

ISBN - 9780984496662

Variant: Book