Ruby Joy


Finding Gems in Darkness... Some things form only in darkness, and among them are gems. July 10, 2009, marked the beginning of a magnificent journey: Ruby Joy burst out of heaven and into her parents' arms. Doctors believed she'd only survive seven days, but as each day passed, her parents chose to believe that Ruby had a very full life ahead of her.

For nearly three years, Ruby dared to live a bright life inside the dark space of disease. In so doing, she taught those around her what love looks like. In spite of the cruel onslaught of sickness, her invincible spirit gave her parents courage to let go of their own expectations and opened their eyes to see beauty in the midst of suffering.

Told through her mother's (Katie Luse) perspective, Ruby Joy is both a remarkable retelling of Ruby's life, as well as an opportunity to journey through the darkness of suffering to find beauty in its midst.

ISBN - 9781947165595

Variant: Book