The Secret Life of the Unborn Child


How You Can Prepare Your Baby For a Happy, Healthy Life... In The Secret Life of the Unborn Child, Dr. Thomas Verny and John Kelly gives startling new evidence based on two decades of medical research.

Your unborn baby is:

  • Capable of learning;
  • Able to warn you of medical problems you and your doctor may not be aware of;
  • Able to hear and respond to voices and sounds—including music;
  • Sensitive to his parents’ feelings about him;
  • Capable of responding to love;
  • An active, feeling human being.

The ways in which you respond to and care for your unborn child may affect his physical and emotional well-being for the rest of his life. The choices you make today about your child’s birth may make a vital difference for years to come. You can prepare your unborn baby for a happy, healthy life. This remarkable book will show you how!

A gift to every loving, caring parent. A book that will change the experience of pregnancy and childbirth forever!

ISBN - 9780989613408

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