Secrets of the Angels


Partnering With God’s Invisible Messengers to Release Tangible Miracles… Are angels real? Are they still doing what they did in the Bible? How can you discern their presence and activity?

In Secrets of the Angels, author, teacher, and seer, Jamie Galloway answers these questions and more. Through scriptural accounts, historical records, and personal history, Jamie unpacks the unique characteristics and functions of the kinds of angels mentioned in Scripture. He offers insight into the unseen realm, teaching you to discern the many ways angels are acting on your behalf, and their essential role in helping you fulfill your Kingdom destiny!

Each type of angel mentioned in Scripture has a particular assignment and influence in the Kingdom. In Secrets of the Angels, you’ll gain understanding of each of these angelic beings, and their importance in your life, including…

  • “Watchers”
  • Seraphim
  • Cherubim
  • Archangels
  • Ministering Spirits
  • The “living creatures.

It’s time to discover and cooperate with the angels who are on daily assignment in your life. It’s time to get activated in the supernatural realm!

ISBN - 9780768459661

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