The Shantung Revival


Originally published in 1933 by Mary Crawford, this book has been reprinted by Randy Clark and The Apostolic Network of Global Awakening. The Shantung Revival is considered by some to be “the greatest revival in Baptist church history.” Within these pages, you will find how God poured out His Spirit in great power among the Baptist denomination in China. If you are a Baptist or want to find out more about the moving of the Spirit in China, then this book is for you.

Mary Crawford served with the North China Mission of the Southern Baptist Convention. Her book is a compilation of true miraculous stories, many authenticated by responsible and reliable missionaries, that occurred during the revival in the Shantung region of North China, during the years 1930-1933. This marvelous work had a profound effect on the Southern Baptists ministry there.

ISBN - 9780974075617

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