Stand Strong


Being a believer in this world is not easy. The believer needs to know how to stand strong in their Christian walk. Standing Strong against the enemy is how we fulfill our God given destiny. When the enemy seems to attack on every side, we need to know how to use the weapons of our warfare and how to advance God's kingdom during the battle.

This Stand Strong teaching series by William Wood, examines a well-known topic, the armor of God, found in Ephesians 6. This series will give you confidence in your ability to defeat the enemy. William shares a powerful revelation on the weapons the believer possesses. These weapons are mighty when the believer wears them daily. To begin our study, William lays an important foundation of whose identity you are created in. Upon this bedrock truth, you then discover who your enemy is, and weapons God gave you for your protection.

This is not an ordinary study of the armor of God. You will be empowered to push back the enemy during a battle and calm the storms of life around you. You will know your rights as a son of daughter of God. You will understand how to use the weapons against your enemy. You will become a powerful believer that is able to advance the kingdom of God in the earth. Join William in this teaching series and learn to Stand Strong.

NOTE:  CD set and DVD set are 5 discs each.