Streams of Healing


Finding Your Way to Wholeness with Key Leaders in the Inner Healing Movement...  As the inner healing movement continues to grow and expand, it can be overwhelming to know what is actually available, and to find what works best for you. For the first time ever, 12 pioneering voices have come together to create a one-of-a-kind resource to help you find your way to freedom. They are the generals who represent the main headwaters from which many of today’s inner healing streams flow. In these pages, you will find:

  • A theological foundation for inner healing;
  • The history of how the models came to be;
  • An overview of the tools they use;
  • Powerful stories and testimonials of lives transformed;
  • Information on how to receive training and to request personal ministry.

Whether you are a counselor or minister looking for tools to help others, or you are new to your own healing journey, dive in and allow the current to take you farther and deeper into the healing power of Jesus and the many ways he is healing his Bride.

Ministries included: Elijah House - Christian Healing Ministries - Restoring the Foundations - Sozo - Shiloh Place - Communion With God Ministries - Streams Ministries - Trauma Prayer - Heartsync Ministries - Immanuel Approach - Life Model Works - Thrive Today

ISBN - 9798218074579

Variant: Book