The Declarations


Ushering You Into the Presence of God... Know, experience, and engage in dialogue with each member of the Triune God. Speaking the Declarations will usher you into divine, experiential encounters with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

By speaking The Declarations—over 800 personalized scriptures that emphasize the names, activities, roles, and attributes of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, each separately—this act of speaking not only deepens your connection with each Person of the Trinity but also sparks divine dialogue, inviting you to listen and respond, thereby enhancing your ability to hear from each One.

Dedicate 20 minutes a day speaking personalized scriptures following the 10 Steps to a Divine Encounter and watch what happens! It will not only capture your attention and focus but also God’s. With ease, this practice ignites within you a sense of His awe and majesty, making Him real and palpable!

As you speak out from the list of who God is and what He does, who Jesus is and what He does, who the Holy Spirit is and what He does, you strengthen your relationship with each One, fostering an unshakable assurance in your destiny and purpose. This confidence will reveal the vast potential of what they can accomplish through you. In addition, by vocalizing each day from the list of who each of them is to you and what each One does for you, they will usher you into their presence, giving you fresh revelation of who you are and who you are to them, strengthening your faith and giving you access to them anytime.

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