The Lord's Healing Touch


Kathryn Kuhlman deserves a second look—particularly in the third decade of the twenty-first century. This gifted evangelist not only exemplified deep spiritual hunger, she modeled what it meant to be captivated by Jesus. Kuhlman understood that many of the greatest miracles come out of the overflow of worship. This revelation needs to be rediscovered in our era.

While Kuhlman was no theologian, she had the ear of ordinary individuals. She knew how to speak their language. This mysterious intercessor understood how to make divine healing simple enough for a child to understand. Can a mystic be more profound than a teacher? Perhaps.

Christos Publishing offers some of Kuhlman’s teaching on divine healing. It was published decades ago by her ministry without much fanfare. Given Kuhlman’s wisdom and profound love for Jesus, it’s valuable to revisit her words.

ISBN - 9788490568865

Variant: Book