There Is More


The Secret to Experiencing God's Power to Change Your Life...  Grace is more than just escaping judgment. It brings empowerment and so much more to our lives, and the greatness of God’s grace and his salvation are far more than what most of us have come to expect! In his book There Is More, Dr. Randy Clark seeks to reclaim the power of the doctrine of impartation. The apostle Paul encouraged Timothy to stir up the gifts and calling that were in him, but what about us? What if more is biblical? Even essential? God is not a god of carefully measured handouts. There is more, and He longs to give it to you — as much as you’re willing to receive. More love, power, faith, joy. More results in prayer.

If you’ve heard of “impartation” or the doctrine of laying on of hands and are curious about what impartation entails, this book is for you. Perhaps you’re already acquainted with the concepts around impartation but are hungry for more—this book is for you. If you’re a minister desperate for a fresh injection of God’s power into your ministry, this book is for you. It all starts with grace. Grace is more than receiving eternal life. It is how we experience God’s presence and power in our lives, and how He empowers us to do more than we ever imagined. God wants to give you more. He wants you to be a vessel of His glory. He wants to fill you with His Spirit and His gifts. Will you accept?

Why This Book?

With his trademark insight and encouragement, Randy Clark explains that more is not only biblical but essential for greater fruitfulness in ministry and service. In There Is More, Randy shares how you can access the more that God wants to give to you. Considered by many to be a foundational teaching for our time, this book has been a part of many modern-day revivalists’ stories. Providing both inspiring personal recollections from Dr. Clark along with sound teaching and analysis, this is a book that you will find yourself reading and re-reading.

ISBN - 9780800795504 English
ISBN - 9781621364979 Spanish