Turn Toward Mercy


Experience the Passion, the Presence, the Glory of God... The Lord is abundant in mercy to all who call upon Him. Jesus was mercy-in-person when He walked the earth. But how can mercy be like honeysuckle? Author Thom Gardner will reveal to you how God's mercy, like an unreasonable, wild honeysuckle vine, grows over the railings of heaven to reach down and transform you.

God's mercy has the power to grow relentlessly in our hearts, conquering all kinds of obstacles that result form our wounded human relationships and limited human reason. This book's revelations of mercy will astound you, overwhelming your heart and mind as you read and discover the Father's "unreasonable" love for you - an intimate, embracing, sovereign love.

Thom Gardner includes "Turning Points", spiritual disciplines at the end of each chapter, guide you through interactive prayer and journaling. You will feel the passion, experience the presence and see the glory of God as you turn toward His wonderful mercy.

ISBN - 9780882703442

Variant: Book