Two Sons and a Father


The Parable of the Prodigal Son. Your Father, Your Inheritance… The prodigal son did not want to live in his father’s presence. The older son did not know how to live in his father’s presence. Both sons had the same problem – the desired fatherless parties. The younger son wasted his inheritance while the older brother slaved in the midst of  his – trying to earn what he refused to receive. Asking is the privilege of sons, an authority hidden from orphans.

God, the creator of all mankind, desires to be your Father. When the disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to pray, the first two words He gave them,”Our Father,” set the tone and reality for the entire prayer. If these two words do not grip our hearts, the rest of the words lose context as well as the implicit favor that comes from that dynamic personal relationship.

Dale Mast shows that there are keys to receiving our inheritance that are absolutely necessary to fulfill our destiny. The prodigal was restored by his father’s love and mercy, but it was his father’s celebration that completed and empowered his life. Your best robe is in His closet. It’s time to enter your Father’s celebration!

ISBN - 9781498491655

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