Understand Your Dreams Now


Spiritual Dream Interpretation... Spiritual dream interpretation could possibly help you meet your future spouse, make the right business decisions at work, learn the calling of your children, see what may take place ahead of time, or even be at the right place at the right time.

Understand Your Dreams Now by Doug Addison is a crash course in dream interpretation drawn from decades of classroom and real-world experience. It contains everything you need to get started, included a dream dictionary. In this concise book, you will learn to:

  • Get your dream's meaning quickly with pinpoint accuracy;
  • Develop your ability to hear God through your dreams and daily life;
  • Recognize which dreams are important and in need of interpretation;
  • Discover destiny dreams and life-calling dreams;
  • Effectively deal with nightmares to get a positive outcome;
  • Track and journal your dreams for future application;
  • Discern the symbolic meaning behind zombies, vampires, and other dark images;
  • Find out the meaning of flying dreams, being chased, teeth coming loose, and more.

Although not all dreams are from God, quite often God guides through dreams. For most of us, the most important thing to discover is the purpose of a dream, not just its meaning. Only then will we know how we should respond to it. This book will help you do just that.

ISBN - 9780982461846

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